Autumn Beauty Tips

It’s been a long summer in the sun and it’s time to tone down our look for autumn. The colder weather and changing leaves brings a whole new opportunity for fabulous! We’re coming off a season of loud, vibrant tones as we settle into a softer, sexy and understated look.

Consider smoky eyes in a deep purple. They will, no doubt, be all the rage this fall. This advice applies especially to our green-eyed readers! When it comes to lips, let’s try stain over gloss or lipstick. Feel free to experiment with color but don’t underestimate the seductive power of cherry red. Eyelashes this autumn should be big, bold and dramatic. It’s all about theatrics so step outside your comfort zone and make those beautiful lashes pop! Set your look askew with gold eyeliner – the latest trend in impactful cosmetics.

Ladies, it is fall, so don’t be shy about soft browns. From the lips to cheeks to eyes, you can’t go wrong with soft browns. Our final tip for stunning this fall, metallic makeup. Whether it’s eye shadow or lipstick, metallic is in and it’s always breathtaking.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Being pretty can be expensive! It’s important to keep your makeup brushes in show-ready shape at all times to extend their life and stretch your beauty budget. We highly recommend washing your brushes at least once a week, if possible. It’s easy! Here’s how:

Step 1
Mix a mild household liquid soup or baby shampoo with about a cup of water.

Step 2
Pour the warm, soapy water into the palm of your cupped hand and swirl your brushes in the solution until they appear clean.

Step 3
Rinse the brushes well while gently squeezing excess water from the bristles. Let the brushes air dry in a sink or on a towel. Be sure not to let them stay wet too long as the water can loosen the bristles.

Stop throwing out your makeup brushes and save with this quick & simple cleaning regiment.